Moment of Mindfulness: The Minutiae of Life

Originally posted on Art of Dharma. Written by Claire Spencer

Too often, I find that I only get a moment to reflect on the finer details of my day at the end of it. Yesterday as I was carrying my lovely boy Jetsun from the car to the house, after a morning at the markets, I had a moment. I was in a rush to get him inside, changed and fed, when his arm shot out at a shrub and yanked a flower off. He was smiling from ear to ear, legs kicking and squealing in delight.

It snapped me out of my plans and brought me to the present. I stopped with him at the top of the stairs leading into our garden and quietly watched the trees being swayed by the wind. Looking down, I noticed a lizard scurrying down the path under a rock. It dawned on me, that there is an entire universe humming to it’s own beat…bees gathering pollen, birds singing their morning song, an ant carrying food back to it’s family, and yet, if you’re anything like me (a little bit harried at times ;) we miss it.

Even in the centre of the city, small blades of glass push their way through the concrete searching for sun. These awesome feats of nature are boundless in their capacity to bring inspiration and gratitude.

Today, take a minute to reflect on the hidden beauty of the world you live in and the life you live. What a gift! To be able to observe the seemingly minutiae of life and elevate it to the profound:)

For your mindfulness practice today, watch this absolutely stunning video from Louis Schwartzberg and please, if you see anything that inspires this kind of reverence, share it with us. I love hearing from you!

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