We’re all about making mindfulness practical, approachable and easy to thread through everyday life. 

Founded by Tamkey, a former Tibetan Buddhist Monk and partner Claire, a Buddhist practitioner, Lojong practice is non-secular and all-encompassing.


Our classes are delivered in an informal and relaxed environment and are designed to:

  • Provide the tools and techniques for understanding the mind
  • Increase awareness, focus and a general sense of well-being
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities for self-reflection and growth
  • Provide the foundations for daily practice

Our goal is to help people through the power of meditation. Our vision is three-fold:

  • Deliver transformative teachings to students so that they experience a life that is full of happiness and meaning.
  • Create a community of practitioners who have a strong foundation in the techniques and can advocate for Lojong in the future.
  • Help local and overseas Tong-Len community by sharing some of the proceeds of our classes.

We invite you to share this vision with us, for more details about classes, workshops and private teachings, please contact us.

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