Our people: Tamkey

Tamkey brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to the Lojong Meditation Mind Training Classes, having studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively since the age of 16, originally heralding from the Amdo region of Tibet.

Teacher Tamkey in Dharamsala

Teacher Tamkey in Dharamsala

At 19, he took the long journey across the Himalayas to Dharamsala to be near HH the Dalai Lama, and to further his monastic studies in Buddhist Tantra. There he became a scholar and published several books on Buddhist Philosophy. He was responsible for teaching Buddhist history, philosophy and practice to the younger monks at Kirti Monastery, and became editor of Monastic publications. Tamkey has also studied Tibetan Traditional Medicine at Chagpori and has qualifications in Tibetan massage.

In 2012 Tamkey made the decision to become a lay person. With both the monastic background and experience living within the Western culture, he is perfectly positioned to understand and explain the teachings in a way that can be beneficial to our daily life. It is his aim that students can use these profound teachings daily, to bring meaning and benefit to themselves and others.



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