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Introduction to Meditation

April 15th


Develop your meditation practice with the support of a qualified teacher, just 10 minutes from Daylesford, Victoria.

Come and join us for this unique workshop that combines practical guidance and ancient wisdom taught by Lojong Co-Founder and former Tibetan Buddhist monk, Tamkey.

Get tickets here: https://bit.ly/3Z5sTNx

You’ll learn:

• Motivation & dedication chanting

• How to focus the mind on one object (sound, breath, mantra, visualisation, movement, text)

• Advice on posture, breath, and how to begin a practice

• An introduction to the nine stages of single-pointed meditation, otherwise known as calm-abiding meditation

• Practical tips for overcoming obstacles and harnessing daily opportunities to practice mindfulness.

This course will be run at our Newlyn North private gompa.

Investment $135: This includes the workshop, meditation starter kit, and a light vegan morning tea.

*If funds are an obstacle to this learning, please contact us directly at claire.spencer@lojongmeditation.com for concession details.

We believe that the key to developing a strong, stable, and joyful meditation practice is underpinning your experience with foundational teachings of the mind. We can’t wait to meet you and share these transformational teachings with you!!

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