Moment of Mindfulness: Make Space By Letting Go

Originally published on ArtofDharma. Written by Claire Spencer

Sometimes the only thing holding us back, is ourselves, and our own negative self-talk. In order to train our mind in the practice of gratitude, and to seek out the positive in any situation, we must first release what we’ve been holding onto. This takes time and effort, but with practice and patience it can be done.

The following Mindfulness practice asks us to go deep, and own all the dark thoughts and feelings that we carry with us. We firmly, but kindly, make space in our hearts by letting go, even if only for a moment.

It is a practice to purify negativity and replace it with acceptance and non-judgement.

Take a moment to be still, close your eyes if this helps. Find your centre and your breath.

  • Breathe in 1,
  • Breathe out 2,
  • Breath in 3.

Repeat this three times.

On the next in breath, breathe in clear, light joy.

Imagine you are inhaling the essence of happiness, health, vitality, the vastness of non-judgment, loving kindness and clarity. This light fills your lungs, radiating from your entire body.

On the out breath, release all the suffering that ails you, the anger, stress, hatred, jealousy, craving, self-doubt, judgement and negative talk. Imagine this negativity releasing from your nostrils and mouth in large plumes of black smoke.

Repeat this process 3 times.

Find your breath again, gently allowing your chest to rise and fall, feeling the sense of openness, rest for a few minutes in this space of non-judgment.

Open your eyes, smile and be in today :)

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