Moment of #mindfulness: #Interdependence and #Gratitude:

Even in our darkest hours, we are never alone. Everything is connected.Earth in a drop of water

This morning we’re going to take a few minutes to meditate on the #interdependence of all things by starting with an object, your morning cup of tea or coffee.

That cup started as an idea, a shape, or a design, far from where you are now.

Most likely the cup that you are holding is made from a porcelain or ceramic, combining clay, sand and glass dug from different quarries and delivered to one place. Then, it was crafted and put in a kiln, glazed and checked, ready for sale. It was packed to keep from breaking and then sent via ship or plane or train to a warehouse to be unloaded and sent to a store for us to buy.

This process of creating a cup, touches the lives of potentially hundreds if not thousands of people, from the designers, creators, warehouse workers, drivers, store owners and lastly us…yet, most likely we drink from the cup every day and think “this is mine, I bought it”…

Everything we touch, everything we do, is connected to others…sometimes in a very obvious way but more often in a subtle and profound way.

Take a moment today to consider everyone who is contributing to your way of life, and send them a silent but heartfelt thanks. The beauty of this, is that you too, are part of this vast, connected and beautiful world and are contributing to the lives of others.

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2 thoughts on “Moment of #mindfulness: #Interdependence and #Gratitude:

  1. So true. Even cooler when you realize that each and every particle of energy and matter are from the same source.

    1. What an #awesome thing to reflect on- we think we’re different, but actually we’re more alike than we care to recognise 🙂

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