The Essence of Meditation in 3 steps

In Tibetan Buddhism, there are three simple instructions which are used as a guide when beginning to meditate.


Moment of #mindfulness: Breath is life

Why do we focus on the breath for meditation? It's interesting isn't it, that the one thing we can all do automatically, from the moment we are born, is also, somehow the one thing we forget that links us as humans later in life. Each breath we take is the difference between life and death, … Continue reading Moment of #mindfulness: Breath is life

Moment of #mindfulness: There is #wisdom in giving

Today in class, Teacher Tamkey spoke of abandoning the self-cherishing attitude to make way for “wisdom in giving”. When we speak of self-cherishing, really we are talking about the focus of modern society, where the individual and their rights are placed above the needs and desires of others. It is a mindset that places “I” … Continue reading Moment of #mindfulness: There is #wisdom in giving