Conscious Cooking

Working part-time, being a mum, wife, a teacher and running a small business can be full on. Yes, I’m married to a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, we have a temple in our home and practice meditation daily, but we’re far from enlightened! Our family is ridiculously raw, totally flawed and utterly human. Like many others, we’re always trying to balance our practice with the realities of life.

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It’s something I get asked all the time “I don’t have time to sit in a cave, how can I practice?” My theory is that it’s nestled in the seemingly mundane activities.

My goal has been to find ways to unveil the profound transformation that Lojong theory can have in a practical way, day to day. One of the ways I do this is by choosing to elevate the humble meal into a celebration, focusing on the opportunity to serve, and show gratitude for what I have, and to just show up for it. When I look at the food on my plate and think about the journey from seedling to service, and the simple act of bringing people together, then my practice becomes pure joy. I get inspired by how food, can nourish us, and provide us with the backdrop to overcome obstacles each day. When I think of all of this, then a simple meal can become a moment of reverence. I’m privileged to be able to ponder how fortunate we are to consider what we eat, how we put it all together and where it comes from. Some people don’t have this privilege.

This space of nourishment, to me is more than just task, it’s art and life all rolled into one. 

So, with that as a backdrop, I’ve decided to start sharing the recipes I cook that honor my intention and hope that you too will see the magic in the seemingly mundane.

With Love, Claire xxx

PS: Stay tuned for my first recipe, Veggie Pastry pizza with a white bean base and oregano salsa verde.


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